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For a public event I want buy three wifi cameras and stream their video to Internet without a computer (or with one computer for all cameras). Ideally I'd like to stream to some video streaming webserivce that supports large amounts of viewers. Could you recommend me an easy and fast way to do that?

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Usually, its not a good idea to connect your wifi camera directly to internet without a router and firewall in between. This is obviously because of security reasons.

The way to do it is to first ensure that your wifi camera allows direct streaming that can be viewed from a browser - most of them do these days. To test first without an internet connection, open your browser and type the ip-address of each one of your wifi cams (e.g. "", etc. without the quotes). Once you are successfully able to view the streaming, the next step is to allow access to your cam from the internet.

If your computer has direct internet connection, then you have to setup a proxy server there, so that a user on the internet can access your wifi cam through your computer that acts as a gateway/proxy. He can do this by typing an address like "". This is usually either a static or dynamic IP assigned by your ISP to your internet connected PC. The typical scenario involving just one PC directly connected to Internet and one wifi-cam is this:

[ACCESS BY ISP]             []                    []

The specifics of this implementation may vary. For instance, instead of a proxy-server, you might be interested in a full-fledged web-server such as apache/IIS to provide the visitor a link-list or a proper web-site, and then direct him to the web-cam with authentications, etc. But the proxy scenario is better for a quick implementation. You can ask google and wikipedia for good proxy-server software. Many of them are free of cost.

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