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How can I repeat a group header on each page? I have some group that has a lot of rows and thus could not be placed in one single page. I want the group header to put on each pages. I can repeat report-header to repeat on each page but dont know how to repeat group header. Also I am working on rdlc report (not rdl) report.

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Here is the solution. When you don't have grouping in your report, to repeat the headers on other pages is easy. Click on Advanced Mode of property grid - check the property. Go to right panel and set RepeatOnNewPage on True and keeptogether 'After'. It is easy.

If you have grouping then it gets a little complicated: 1. select the tablix properties and select "repeat header rows on each page". 2. Click on row groups and select "the top most static" and now click - RepeatOnNewPage -True and KeepWithGroup After.

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In VS 2005 you can click on the header and see a property in the property grid called RepeatOnNewPage. Just set it to true. (click on the far left panel after clicking on a control in the header)

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