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Is it possible to read the Browser(Client machine) time when a request is made to the servlet?

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I don't believe so. Unfortunately the HTTP Date header is only sent for PUT or POST messages, and even then it's optional:

Clients SHOULD only send a Date header field in messages that include an entity-body, as in the case of the PUT and POST requests, and even then it is optional. A client without a clock MUST NOT send a Date header field in a request.

If you have control of the client, you could (perhaps) encode it as a separate experimental HTTP header. Or add it as a GET parameter etc.

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You can use javascript and append the time to every request. Provided that javascript is enabled, you can add the following to your links:

link = link + "?date="+(new Date()).getTime()

You can do something similar, if you need timezone information. This question may help.

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