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Did anyone successfully connect to VPN with Aventail Connect in Windows 8? I successfully installed the app in desktop mode of windows 8 but whenever I try to open a connection it goes to Metro mode and crashes.

Any tips, new build location would help.

Thanks, Kamar

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In Windows 8, you must use the "Network and Sharing Center" to setup a new VPN connection. Pick "Connect to a workplace". If Aventail is installed, it should prompt you to connect. I had to "Repair" the "Aventail Connect" installation in "Programs and Features" before connecting again, otherwise you have to logout/login. More later, I haven't had Windows 8 very long.


I wrote a vbs script to do this work for me until a solution is found, the run it from a desktop icon, instead of the aventail icon. I know it's primative, but less frustrating. Don't move the mouse until the script completes, and you might have to adjust the names and number of send key TABs for fit your system.

Dim objShell, sName, sHost

Set objShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

sName = "Your Aventail VPN Connection"

sHost = "vpn.domain.com"

sSelect1 = "Network "

With objShell

.Run "msiexec.exe /fam C:\ProgramData\Aventail\ngvpn.msi", 1, true

End With

With objShell

.Run "control /name Microsoft.NetworkAndSharingCenter"

wscript.sleep 2000

.SendKeys "{TAB}{TAB}{TAB}{ENTER}"

wscript.sleep 1000


wscript.sleep 1000

.SendKeys "{DOWN}{DOWN}{TAB}{ENTER}"

.AppActivate sSelect1

.SendKeys "%{F4}"

End With
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I succeeded in getting it to work without anything special. Check that you are using the x64 client if you are on x64 installation of Windows (Setup: Arcot ID + Aventail VPN)

After some time, it indicates "Connecting" and doesn't connect. Re-installing gets it to work again - but I hope I can find a better solution.

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To fix the connecting problem - go to Network sharing and create a copy of the connection. Adjust the properties and connect with the new copied connection. Unfortunately - you need to do this each time you connect. Yet simpler than reinstalling Aventail

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