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When a user only visits one page on the site, and doesn't visit again for a while, it's considered a "drop off". The site I have is a online game and many users only visit the "play" page when visiting the site, which is marked as a "drop off". This isn't true as they're actually playing the game for 30+ minutes and that is not a drop off.

Other than forcing people to go to the game page through another page (creating 2 requests), how can I have dropoffs ignored on a page without messing up other stats like pageviews?

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A recent article on the Google Analytics blog dealt with tracking adjusted bounce rate for visitors who stay on a single page for an extended amount of time: Tracking Adjusted Bounce Rate In Google Analytics. It sounds like in your case the bounce and drop-off rate are related.

The solution is to make a tracking event call after some amount of time has passed, something like:

setTimeout(function(){_gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'timer', 'in play')}, 60000);

In your case, I'd be tempted to continue to make event tracking calls periodically, including the opt-value parameter to track session time -- this would allow you to track on GA play time.

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I assume you mean drop offs as shown on the "Visitors Flow" report, which I believe correlates to exits. If you're having a problem with visitors "exiting" your site due to being on the same page for a long period of time, then it sounds like you need to extend your session timeout length.

Google Analytics defaults to a 30 minute session length, instructions for changing it can be found here.

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The problem is that they only visit that one page on the site the entire time they're there. If a person only visits that one page the entire time they're playing, does Google not think that's a bounce/exit? –  Bubby4j Aug 17 '12 at 1:39

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