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My (chat) program starts a session almost immediately, then in a separate thread it uses long polling to maintain a connection with it until it receives information.

while(Globals.clientIsLoggedIn) {
    response = client.execute(getRequest); // waits up to a minute for changes

(Globals is a set of "global" variables)
Client is my DefaultHTTPClient

I would like to have it concurrently be able to send messages to the server, using the same session!

response = client.execute(postMessageRequest);



I know I must be missing something somewhere, but finding documentation for this (passing a session variable between two different HTTPConnections perhaps?) is a real bear.

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Okay, this was while I was still searching for how to explain my problem, let alone answer it. The solution I found is detailed here:

What is a good way to share a session between two HTTPClients in a Java program?

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