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So I have a version.txt file in my Source Control. I check it out on master and build, and have the Set Environment Variables through a file with the File Path being $WORKSPACE/Version.txt

On the master it correctly finds the Version.txt and sets MAJOR=x etc..

When I do the same build on a slave node, with the same configuration I always get a

[envfile] Reading environment variables from file.
[envfile] Path to file: /var/hudson/workspace/DEV_BUILD/Version.txt
[envfile] Can not find environment file. Path to file=[/var/hudson/workspace/DEV_BUILD/Version.txt]

but I see earlier that:

Building remotely on cent5.5_64
Cleaning the workspace because project is configured to clean the workspace before each build.
[UGCS_DEV_BUILD] $ sscm get / -wreplace  -d/var/hudson/workspace/DEV_BUILD -r

get from main/DEV:


I am guessing $WORKSPACE refers to the master? Anyone have any ideas how to get this to work on a Slave?

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It seems that the EnvFile plugin isn't working with slaves :

Moreover from the comments in this JIRA, they suggest to use the EnvInject plugin :


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