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key hash for android-facebook app

I'm trying to fix the error about Facebook and I found that it can't authorize if a phone has Facebook app.

It works very well before, and also when a phone has not Facebook app. It might be because the recent update of the app..??

Here's error msg below. It says invalid_key.

09-09 14:07:11.520: D/Facebook(30618): ::: onFacebookError :::
09-09 14:07:11.520: E/Facebook(30618): invalid_key:Android key mismatch. Your key "ig/T0MmkPGxn5mWnZCKub2mIHr0" does not match the allowed keys specified in your application settings. Check your application settings at
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You need to add your app's signature on your app's Facebook dashboard.

Go to step 5 of this tutorial on our documentation and follow the instructions. You need to put this text "ig/T0MmkPGxn5mWnZCKub2mIHr0" (without the quotes), in the Android Key Hash section of your app's dashboard.

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