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Is there any way to understand that the currently displayed main tile was pushed (updated) from server side?

The reason I'm asking: my app can update tile image from background agent and I want to have pushed tile image unchanged until user opened the application.

PS. I used reflector to understand tiles implementation but have not found anything I can potentially use (time stamp, any image information, no other IDs).


I found out that the pushed tile image is stored as png at Applications\Data{appguid}\Data\ShellContent system folder. Isolated storage root folder is Applications\Data{appguid}\Data\IsolatedStore. So I tried to access to this folder from iso root directory using "..\ShellContent", but got Operation Not Permitted exception. The "..\IsolatedStore" works.

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I have not done anything with live tiles updated from a server (I use background agent for mine), but my suggestion would be to set a flag in IsolatedStorage during the update process, and have your background agent check for that flag.

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Thanks Rich, but how I can determine the 'update process'? No events are fired when tile is pushed, I can't add any my custom logic when this happens – Sergei Grebnov Aug 17 '12 at 20:20
Ok - sorry - I'm not familiar with push updates, so I assumed that there would be an event fired, and a method run. – Rich Hopkins Aug 17 '12 at 20:36

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