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class Request
include Mongoid::Document 
field :code, type: String      
validates :code, :presence => true, 
                 :inclusion => { :in => proc { Listing.all_codes } }

Using Mongoid, I am trying to validate the :code input on the submission form to make sure they are using a proper code that is already in the database. The listing model :code field is also named :code.

This is the error:

undefined method `all_codes' for Listing:Class

Any suggestions? What is the reference equivalent in Mongoid?

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This is a ruby level error saying that you do not have a method looking like

class Listing
    def self.all_codes
       # stuff

The self. part is important.

You might have it implemented like

class Listing
   named_scope :all_codes, :select => #...

You might just want Listing.all Really the bug is a disagreement in method name between your Request class and your Listing class.

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Thanks for this! –  jbearden Aug 16 '12 at 22:42

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