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We have a frame model and lots of components in it. On nearly each frame Update() function of nearly each component is called by Frame model controller (say Unity3d and all that happens, takes place in one thread). We have components that are "Targets" that change some of there properties (for example position) and want to tall other components - "Consumers" (for example missiles) about that fact.

If we use normal C# event model and "raise" events from "Targets" we will get really long Update call. One that can freeze all our frame based app. So we can not really use C# events as much as we would like.

What have we done: for each "Consumer" component we subscribe to "Targets" events with actions that push all new data into a List and on "Component" Update call we iterate thru list of new data and make our update.

So my question is: is there a way to generealise such approach (say if we have not only want targets to affect our missiles but also "winds" with there own incoming data (for example direction and temprature)) to make code look nice?

Is ther any more correct way of sending events in frame model?

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If I understand you right, you are using a modified observer pattern right now. Targets are then the subjects to observe for changes or publishers. Consumer is the Observer interface declaring the notify method, the subscribers. If you now extract the observer functionality into a separate class, other classes can benefit from it:

// info to send to all active missiles
public class MissileInfoMessage { }

// all missile classes should implement:
public interface MissileInfoSubscriber {
    void Notify (MissileInfoMessage msg);

public class MissileInfoBroker {
    List<MissileInfoSubscriber> missileInfoSubscribers;
    // targets, winds, airplanes calls this to get all missiles notified
    public void NotifyMissiles (MissileInfoMessage msg) {
        foreach (MissileInfoSubscriber missile in missileInfoSubscribers) {
            missile.Notify (msg);
    // missiles register when they got fired
    public void Register (MissileInfoSubscriber s) {
        missileInfoSubscribers.Add (s);
    // and deregister if their job is done
    public void Unregister (MissileInfoSubscriber s) {
        missileInfoSubscribers.Remove (s);
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