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I need a bit of help with HTML/CSS. I need to make an html/css page which will contain a list of 2 elements with their images, names and prices. The images have to lined up horizontally and the name and price has to be under the picture.

Secondly, i need to Copy the code frome above an and make the product list appear vertically, doing minimal work (change css only). Thanks.

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I wont write out the code for you but for the horizontal list you need to wrap each of your set of images, names and prices in a div and then float your divs to the left with a class eg: .mydivs {float: left;}. Add padding and margins to space them out.

With the vertical version just remove the float.

What is odd though is that you mention 'lists' do you mean actual <li>s?

If that is the case then you can wrap your product divs with the <li>s (which isn't technically against the rules but is not recommended) and add the following css to have the list appear vertically: li {display: inline; list-style-type: none;}. Again remove this to make the list vertical again and add padding and margins to space it out.

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