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I am trying desperately to get a Bluetooth dongle working with my Arduino but I can't send it a command that it needs. I can use it when I plug it into my computer via a USB to UART chip and send the command (C) from PuTTY and then press Enter.

The Bluetooth dongle's command sheet says that the command I am trying to send it C<cr> but I can't figure out how to send the proper carriage return character from the Arduino code. I have tried using the Serial.println() function as well as adding the \r character to my current Serial.write("C\r") but neither of those are working.

How can I achieve this? -- thank you.

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Check your Putty terminal settings to see what it's set up to send; you can configure it to send whatever line endings you want. –  Wooble Aug 17 '12 at 0:04
@Wooble Where is the "PuTTY Reconfiguration" would I be able to find that? –  Keegan McCarthy Aug 17 '12 at 0:07

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If you watch the ascii table or similar reference you might find interesting: \r ou \x0D

For better understanding, see : http://www.grok2.com/sedfaq6.html

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Yesterday I was trying with this by other problem. In standard configuration (on windows and linux) if You type "help" and then press enter on serial port will appear followed chain of bits:

0x68(h) 0x65(e) 0x6c(l) 0x70(p) 0x0d(LF: Line Feed, U+000A)

so seems like PUTTY puts LF on ENTER (no mather if You are on linux or windows)

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0x0d isn't the same as U+000A, is it? –  thorn May 6 at 11:03

Interestingly, I can report the opposite on Win 7: PuTTY for me and my embedded project is sending ONLY '\r' over the COM port. Curious, read: frustraitingly unexplainable, but I simply look for either character on the other end of the serial connection.

Then, if you enable 'Implicit LF in every CR' under Terminal options it will send both '\r\n'. Default behaviour seems to be akin to a Commodore machine :D (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newline)... who knew...

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Just ran into this, thanks for mentioning the implicit LF setting. –  Daniel Buckmaster Oct 11 '13 at 22:09
I just ran into this too. I'm really glad I checked first before hooking it to my PIC; as everyone else's post shows, this is quite unexpected. My scope clearly shows that Putty's default is to send \r only. This is not documented. –  carveone Jul 26 at 13:08

PuTTY probably sends <LF> by default as that is the UNIX standard line terminator.

You might want to try IVT: Telnet/Ssh VT220 emulator instead

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I'm almost sure that you are looking for the \n new line character.

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On arduino program, just use Serial.write and both characters codes:

Serial.write(13);    // CR
Serial.write(10);    // LF

And Avoid Serial.print as it is intended as human readable, so formatted.

references: write print

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I hope you find your answer on some way. =) –  Luis Siquot Jun 18 at 13:19

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