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when I am changing registry entries with AutoIt is does not working with left mouse click on exe, when i make right mouse click and run as administrator, than it is working, but there is UAC message. (Win7) Are there any possibilites to change registry entries without getting UAC message (when UAC is enable).

Thank you for helping.

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I recently ran into this problem as well. I added #RequireAdmin to the top of my code, and instead of showing the UAC message, it just allowed it to work. I'm not positive this will work for everyone since I tried it on a new VM that I made for testing it, but It worked last night on my new machine, maybe it will help you as well. Also, I found this code that I was going to try next.

    ;This is not working code, just a few ideas.
    $Userid = "Sys-Pro-Admin"
    $Psw = "NLpw2avctpc"
    Remove autologin params from registry to clean up
    SetAutoLogon("Off", "")
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When i add #Require Admin, i get UAC message.. –  user1602129 Aug 18 '12 at 0:15

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