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I'm having trouble figuring out namespaces for a project.

My Namespace looks like this thus far:

var NS = NS || {};
NS.Utils = NS.Utils || {};
NS.Models = NS.Models || {};
NS.Views = NS.Views || {};

NS.App = (function () { = "hello";

var init = function () {



return {

    init: init,


} ());

And then I initialize it with this:

(function ($, global, data) {

$(global).click(function() {


}); = "hello testing";

}(jQuery, window, data));

But for some reason, the Second, NS.App.init() call does not use the updated variable. How can I fix this?

Also, how can I reference other namespaces inside of NS.App? For example, if I want to use NS.Utils inside of NS.App?

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Change alert(data) to alert(

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Why does data show the old text? Crazy... – MarkPieszak Aug 17 '12 at 1:05
yeah, no idea, I would expect undefined – elclanrs Aug 17 '12 at 1:25

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