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We understand that html editor like tiny_mce can allow us to upload html expressions above plain text, which is able to cater <td></td>, <div></div>, <p></p>, etc.

If the entire codes entered the database are to be displayed in a webpage, everything is fine. However, if content chopping occurs due to design requirement, it may be possible that </td>, </div>, </p> will be chopped away, resulting in damaged page layout due to unclosed tag.

What is the normal practice to handle this issue? Thanks!

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I've been using tinymce for a while now and I have had this issue and you can make it so that the field has a limit. w3schools has a good explanation and solution. It should work for your issue.

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maxlength is applicable to a textarea, but not to the tinymce editor! this SO question shows how to implement a character limit for the tinymce editor: stackoverflow.com/questions/4255076/… –  Thariama Aug 22 '12 at 8:37

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