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How do I set the path/save location inside terminal for backing up a remote SQL database via SSH? I would like to save a backup to my desktop. I'm new to SSH, but have managed to log in and interact with the DB.

I tried this, but it said there was no such file or directory.

mysqldump -u user -p database > /Users/Me/Desktop/backup.sql


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After creating the backup, use SCP to get the file.

So, to SSH:

ssh user@example.com

Then, in SSH:

mysqldump -u user -p database > /path/to/backup.sql

Then, do SCP (to copy to local directory):

scp user@example.com:/path/to/backup.sql ./

Think of SSH like remote desktop; the point of SSH is to log into another computer. The point of using SSH in the terminal is not for file transfer; it's to do something on the server. SCP is made to copy the file from a remote location. So use SSH to do what you need to do (here, backup the database), and then use SCP to copy the file(s).

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Ok, cheers. I didn't know what I was trying to achieve wasn't possible in SSH. Thank you! –  Scully Aug 17 '12 at 3:13

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