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case: in my page, I need to download a plugin, I know firefox plugins directory is c:\program files(x86)\mozilla firefox\plugins. But I find a case, this downloaded plugin is located in C:\documents&settings[username]\plugins(I dont know how,maybe the user download the plugin early). And firefox try to load the plugin in wrong directory, but I can't find the plugin in firefox add-ons.

so why do firefox load plugin which is not in its plugins directory? anyone can show me firefox plugin load rule?

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so why do firefox load plugin which is not in its plugins directory?

Plugins on Windows are mainly found via the registry - the plugin installer registers the plugins supported mimetypes and its path etc. under a special registry node.

In addition some directories are scanned (e.g. for common files and specific directories), but this shouldn't matter here and plugins shouldn't be installed into FirefoxDir\plugins (among other things they won't get picked up by other browsers that also support NPAPI).

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