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I am using JMSSecurityExtra bundle for securing methods in my contoller. But is there any way that i can secure the whole controller with @Secure?

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This can be done as per Documentaion


Tip: If you like to secure all actions of the controller with the same rule, you may also specify @PreAuthorize on the class itself. Caution though, this rule is only applied to the methods which are declared in the class.

use JMS\SecurityExtraBundle\Annotation\PreAuthorize;

 /** @PreAuthorize("hasRole('A') or (hasRole('B') and hasRole('C'))") */
class MyService

    public function secureMethod()
        // ...
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This annotation can only be applied to methods.

You could do it like this though (it's a regex):

        'AcmeDemoBundle:AdminController:.*Action': 'hasRole("ROLE_ADMIN")'

Read the documentation: http://jmsyst.com/bundles/JMSSecurityExtraBundle/master/method_security_authorization

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This can be done now with @PreAuthorize –  user825904 Aug 17 '12 at 6:58

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