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how to I find out the Joomla root directory to use in files? I tried the following with no luck:

    $path = JPATH_COMPONENT; 
    //Gives component root

    $path = JURI::root();
    //Gives absolute path, can't be used for some reason (

    $path = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'];
    //Gives public_html folder, but if someone installs joomla in a directory and not in root, it wrecks the whole thing

Is there a way to find the joomla root of the site only? Thanks.

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may be this can help you

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Let's say you want to include an image from the images folder, you can simply use this:

$image = JUri::root() . 'images/image_name.png';

JUri::root() and both JUri::site() always define the root directory

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This returns a URL like, not a filesystem path. – Flimm Feb 1 at 15:50
@Flimm - In the initial question before it got edited, the OP mentioned including a file from the images directory, therefore I assumed it was an image ;) – Lodder Feb 1 at 16:15

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