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In my rails 3.2 project, I have some controllers like this:


The content of /app/controllers/college/actors_controller.rb like:

class College::ActorsController < College::ApplicationController

The content of /app/controllers/college/application_controller.rb like:

class College::ApplicationController < ApplicationController
  before_filter do
    puts "welcome"

If I modify the controller, reload the web browser. The console can be output string "welcome". But when I shutdown the webrick, and restart webrick, then reload the web browser, the console doesn't output "welcome"

It looks like College::ApplicationController not be loaded ?

And how can I fix it ?

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We ran into something similar and fully defined class definitions solved our problem.

It's worth trying to change

class College::ActorsController < College::ApplicationController


class College::ActorsController < ::College::ApplicationController


class College::ApplicationController < ApplicationController


class College::ApplicationController < ::ApplicationController
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