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I am recording LinearPCM using MonoTouch.AudioToolbox.InputAudioQueue and need to convert it prior to uploading to a web service. I want to keep recoding as LinearPCM so that I can handle interruptions (phone calls), playback audio (play, rewind, fast forward etc.).

Apple does support audio conversions using their Audio Conversion Services and see that MonoTouch includes functionality at MonoTouch.AudioUnitWrapper._AudioConverter. However, I can't find a single MonoTouch example or StackOverflow question about it. :(

Does anyone know how to get audio converted using MonoTouch? I have looked into 3rd party libraries such as NSpeex, but want to keep it as native as possible.

Any help or pointers would be awesome! Thanks guys

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Solved my question by converting to .m4a using using the MonoTouch sample AudioQueueOfflineRenderDemo.

AudioQueueOfflineRenderDemo @ GitHub

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