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I want to know the custom shape creation in html5 using LimeJS.Could anyone tell me how to create a custom shape like comment in a game using LimeJS for html5.

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for images

 var gameMap = new lime.Sprite().setSize(400,300).setFill('images/bk.jpg').setPosition(0,0).setAnchorPoint(0,0);

for custom shapes we have to fill with different points

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You essentially create a custom sprite, and render the UI appropriately, which could be a combination of elements. The shell needs to be:

test.board = function() {

goog.inherits(test.board, lime.Sprite);

Text input isn't direct; here is an article on text input:!topic/limejs/txaxgK3eXQg. You can use a label, and attach to the key press event. I don't know if this works for canvas rendering...

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