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I wanted to develop a small web based chat application. Currently I have developed by using Applets. So can I create the application by using JSP and servlets without including the applets. Probably I would like to use JQuery or GWT in my web application. Is it possible?

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Of course you can implement a chat with the JSP and the jQuery library. jQuery provides a rich set of methods for AJAX capabilities. But in my opinion GWT is suitable the best for implementing multi-featured chat. It's ideal for applications based on AJAX and which have a rich user interface. You can greatly simplify development your application and AJAX-implementation using very convenient feature of Remote procedure call communications between client-side and server-side.

Here you can find answers to some questions from the server push, handling of threads and safety issues on the server side. This is necessarily need you to develop a chat application.

And here's an interesting example with GWT implementation of chat: first and second part.

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Yes, you can create a web based chat application using jsp and servlets without using applets. here is one example. You can download the application and source as well. Have a look at it and use JQuery where ever necessary.

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