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Is it possible to set the "privacy" for each video upload using the Graph API? I have a little gallery that will display different videos from people. But at the moment, I can only display the Thumbnail and unable to view the video if I am not "friends" with the uploader.

FYI: I have set the "Default Activity Privacy" in the Facebook App setting in Auth Dialog to "Everyone".

Any inputs would be very helpful.


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If you go to Account Settings >> Apps, and find your app, there is a settings called

Who can see posts this app makes for you on your Facebook profile?

While your Default Activity Privacy may be set to Everyone now, it's possible that when the user authorized the app, he changed the privacy mode. Or, maybe the user authorized your app with the default privacy before you changed the default.

via Facebook: "Where can I control my app privacy and settings?"

... never does Facebook say that an app can override a user's privacy setting. That's because it's not possible. If it were possible, it would seriously discourage people from using apps at all.

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Thanks for the reply Gil. So, there is no way to upload a video and set the privacy for the uploaded video (to public)? I just realized that it would be something like "over-riding" the default privacy setting and would actually be a "privacy issue" if developers are allowed to do this. But still maybe there is way that I do not know about. – wenbert Aug 21 '12 at 23:51
Facebook privacy settings is exactly for the purpose of preventing anything from being published publicly without the user's express permission. – Gil Birman Aug 22 '12 at 0:43

@Gil Birman answer is wrong.

Try add to http entity param with name privacy and value {"value":"SELF"}. As result, uploaded video have access: only me. Facebook support also other privacy.

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