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How to get the last modified date for a file in Perl?

I am able to get the last modified file, but I need the files of the same date from a directory using Perl. I have the solution for getting the last modified file in Stack Overflow question How to find/cut for only the filename from an output of ls -lrt in Perl.

But how do I fetch the output of ls -lrt for the latest date instead of time?

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If you're using ls -lrt to get the last modified date of a file in Perl... you're doing it wrong.

The right solution is using the stat function, or the File::Stat module which wraps it. Both will give you a bunch of data on a file, including all three of the utimes.

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This is a case for the stat Function in Perl -- parsing output from shell commands is a bit unportable, very inefficient and plain wrong.

my $mtime = (stat $file)[9];

If you are really desperate, you should use the split function, of course:

my $mtimeAsString = join "" (split /\s+/, (`ls -lrt $file`)[0], 8)[5,6];
    # using only the first line of input

Feel free to compare the readability…

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I am using stat itself. I use stat as below: my $dir = <dir path>; opendir(my $DH, $dir) or die "Error opening $dir: $!"; my %files = map { $_ => (stat("$dir/$_"))[9] } grep(! /^\.\.?$/, readdir($DH)); #print Dumper(%files); closedir($DH); –  pauler Aug 17 '12 at 7:39

stat is traditional. Either use the standard builtin

my $mtime = (stat $filename)[9];

Or use the File::stat convenience wrapper which provides more memorable access

use File::stat;

my $mtime = stat($filename)->mtime;
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