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I am using a jquery plugin named facebox. It works very well but I am faced! with an issue. It looks like its iframe method is causing my browser to cach the css that is being loaded in the target page.

This is how I call it in my page in the jquery ready state.

$('a.participate').click( function(){
                iframe: '" . $urlparticipate . "',
                rev: 'iframe|550|550'
            return false ;

where $urlparticipate is the url that will open in the iframe. I looked closer in the facebox.js and I found the following method that seems to be used by the plugin to create the iframe.

function fillFaceboxFromIframe(href, klass, height, width) {
    $.facebox.reveal('<iframe scrolling="auto" marginwidth="0" width="'+width+'" height="' + height + '" frameborder="0" src="' + href + '" marginheight="0"></iframe>', klass)

How can I prevent the css from being cached? I know that is being cached because I change the css style of an element. I even changed some js code that is being loaded and its still loading the old one.

I also tried the following:

  1. Adding in the target page on the front end in the head

    meta http-equiv="Cache-control" content="no-cache"

    meta http-equiv="Pragma" content="no-cache"

    meta http-equiv="Expires" content="0"

  2. I tried to add some headers from code behind (php)

    header("Cache-Control: no-cache");

    header("Pragma: no-cache");

All with no success.. What am I missing?

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You can always try "versioning" the CSS reference on the page. There are good and not-so-good ways to do it: With a single, static version number you append every time you make a change, or a randomly generated GUID that will effectively force EVERY request to the page to retrieve the CSS file(s). The better option is the static one, like this:

<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="cssfile.css?1.12" />
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yee it worked! but then it cached again.... should I add something like a random number each time? –  themis Aug 17 '12 at 6:07
+1 for knowing what's up –  the_red_baron Aug 17 '12 at 6:07
ye it works! thank you –  themis Aug 17 '12 at 6:08
Yeah, you can version it with a randomly generated value (like a GUID), but it really is bad practice. Best option is to version it only when you make changes... –  FarligOpptreden Aug 17 '12 at 6:10
ye so each time I make a final change I will version it up. Nice, It got me like all day :S finally I got it thanx –  themis Aug 17 '12 at 6:12

Try throwing a var with the CSS filename (typically the version number) so the browser can't cache it. Something like foo.css?ver=bar

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