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I am trying to create a wizard in java swing programatically.

On the wizard pane I have a next button and it has to perform multiple actions according to which panel is displayed on the wizard.

Is it possible to use java command pattern? may I know how? thanks in advance.

the code i used for the wizard is

this.mainPanel.add(fileSelectionPane,"SELECT FILE");
this.mainPanel.add(sqlConnectionPane,"SQL CONNECTION");           
this.mainPanel.add(detailsPane,"DISPLAY");,"SELECT FILE");    
if(newValue==1)    {, "SQL CONNECTION");   

if(newValue==2)    {, "PARSER");  

i want the next button to perform specific actions on SELECT FILE and SQL CONNECTION.

is it possible to use command patterns?

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Isn't it more reasonable to allow the current "panel" to decide what actions need to be taken rather then the "next" button?? – MadProgrammer Aug 17 '12 at 6:14
Please update your question iso posting code in comments. And take a look at this article if you want to create a wizard using Swing – Robin Aug 17 '12 at 6:18

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Ok, so, You add action listeners to buttons. These action listeners do something when an event occurs.

You want to change the functionality of the button depending on which panel is being displayed? Why not set a instance variable which reflects the state of the Wizard?

For example (roughly),

int state = 0; // home panel

change panel to help page, event listener is fire, set 'state' to 1. You are now tracking which panel is being displayed.

Now, in your original problem, when the button (the one you want multiple functionality with) fires, you can choose the action it will take based on the 'state' var.

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  1. have look at CardLayout

  2. those cards put to the JDialog (JDialog has preimplemented by default BorderLayout) to the CENTER area

  3. create a new JPanel and place there JButtons

  4. JPanel with JButtons put to the SOUTH area

  5. search here, on this forum, there are a few excelent examples for wizard or image previue based on CardLayout

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try the following code for button:

JButton btn1;
btn1= new javax.swing.JButton();
btn1.setMargin(new java.awt.Insets(2, 2, 2, 2));
add(btn1); // add to Jpanel
btn1.setBounds(250,10, 12, 12);

public void actionPerformed(java.awt.event.ActionEvent evt) {
   Object obj = evt.getSource();
   if (obj == btn1) {
      // your function on on click of button
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