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i have a button control in code as


                        <StackPanel Orientation='Horizontal' >
                            <TextBlock Text='{Binding ramDay, Mode=TwoWay}' Margin='0,-18,0,0' Style='{StaticResource PhoneTextTitle1Style}'/>
                        <TextBlock Text='{Binding enDay, Mode=TwoWay}' Margin='15,10,0,0' Style='{StaticResource PhoneTextTitle2Style}'/>



but i want to create as many buttons as user want with different values of textboxes as user want them. but i am unable to find any way, kindly help me. thanks

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Create a custom user control in you project by using this code there. Thereafter in your mainPage in the code behind add the userControl dynamically to the grid present on the UI in a for-loop or any other method which you find suitable to your situation.

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