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I am using primefaces(3.0) scheduler component.


As we can see here there there are some events created with color blue.

Now I want to change the color of these events, on the basis of uniqueness. As a example for each empolyee there will be a unique ID associated.

So for lets say for employee ID 1 Events color will be blue, for ID 2 events color will be red and so on.

how can I apply colors to these number of events from backing bean ? Any clue....

I am able to change the background color for scheduler in this way, but dont have any idea about how to change the color of events ?

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if you need, add style class and data in the same event.


String id="2";
DefaultScheduleEvent evento = new DefaultScheduleEvent("titule", new Date(), new Date(), id);

In the CSS, Damian's response is good.

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Thanks markus.. it's working perfectly. –  Java Dec 18 '12 at 12:41
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There's a constructor for DefaultScheduleEvent that takes a CSS class as parameter:

eventModel = new DefaultScheduleModel();  
eventModel.addEvent(new DefaultScheduleEvent("Event for employee 1", new Date(), laterToday(), "emp1"));
eventModel.addEvent(new DefaultScheduleEvent("Event for employee 2", tomorrow(), laterTomorrow(), "emp2"));  

emp1 and emp2 are the style classes. Then add the following css to your style sheet:

.emp1 .fc-event-skin {
    background: red;
.emp2 .fc-event-skin {
   background: green;
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You can define style classes in stylesheet and in backing bean set style class to DefaultScheduleEvent instance with method:

public void setStyleClass(String styleClass)
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