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The Javadoc for the Dao refresh() in method states:

Throws: SQLException - on any SQL problems or if the data item is not found in the table or if more than 1 item is found with data's id.

However the class com.j256.ormlite.stmt.mapped.MappedRefresh has another Javadoc definition and returns a result code all the way back up to refresh and to the user.

 * Execute our refresh query statement and then update all of the fields in data with the fields from the result.
 * @return 1 if we found the object in the table by id or 0 if not.
public int executeRefresh(DatabaseConnection databaseConnection, T data, ObjectCache objectCache)
        throws SQLException {
    ID id = (ID) idField.extractJavaFieldValue(data);
    // we don't care about the cache here
    T result = super.execute(databaseConnection, id, null);
    if (result == null) {
        return 0;
    // copy each field from the result into the passed in object
    for (FieldType fieldType : resultsFieldTypes) {
        if (fieldType != idField) {
            fieldType.assignField(data, fieldType.extractJavaFieldValue(result), false, objectCache);
    return 1;

Is this a bug or just a Javadoc mistake for Dao.refresh?

I'm looking at OrmLite 4.41.

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The internal methods usually have less than perfect Javadocs given that it is only for developers. Also, I tend to not document every exception thrown.

In this case, the MappedRefresh.executeRefresh(...) method docs look pretty good except for the fact that it isn't documenting the exception. If you look at the super.execute(...) line which calls MappedQueryForId.execute(...), you can see that it has the following test/throw:

} else if (result == DatabaseConnection.MORE_THAN_ONE) {
    logger.error("{} using '{}' and {} args, got >1 results", label, statement,
    throw new SQLException(label + " got more than 1 result: " + statement);

fieldType.assignField(...) and other methods can also throw SQLException on various data or database problems.

So the Dao.refresh(...) javadocs are correct. The MappedRefresh.executeRefresh(...) javadocs are also correct but are missing details about the exception.

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