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how can I submit the form2 automatically when I submit the form1?

if( $_POST['submit'] == 'Submit')
{ im going to put my form2 here then automatically submit.
what code do i need?}

<form name=form1 action=# method=post>
<input type=submt name=submit value=Submit />

NOTE my form2 have different action that's why I cant include the content of my form2 to my form1

It can also be, when I click something, those two form will be submitted.

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You can always change your form's action (and just about everything else) using JavaScript before you submit a form. –  Germann Arlington Aug 17 '12 at 8:26

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As simple function would do that (if I've got your question right :-S)

function submitForm()

Call this function from the submit

<input type="submit" onclick="submitForm();"/>
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Link the onsubmit event of each form to a new function "launchMyForms". In these function launch your forms manually:

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JQuery has Ajax functions that serialize and submit forms

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