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How should colander be used for xml deserialization? Docs say that it can even be used for xml deserialization and validation, but I didn't find any good examples for that in docs or on the web!

If anyone has used colander for xml deserialization can you just put a snippet here on its usage? It would be very helpful.

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Look at colander as a tool for 'deserialization/validation from a python dictionary'. A dict in Python can be formed from any structured data format, I guess.

In one of my projects I validate POST (webob.multidict) data and a JSON file and use the same lines of code:

recipe_schema = RecipeSchema()
    appstruct = recipe_schema.deserialize(cstruct)

cstruct is always a dict, as mentioned above - sometimes made of processed Multidict, sometimes made of json.load(json_data).

So, transform XML to dict first and then validate the dict with colander.

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yeah, this way only it solved the problem.. :) –  Neo Aug 27 '12 at 7:02

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