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I'm using the current python-mode to edit my source file in top window and a python inferior shell in bottom window to see the outputs (using C-c C-c from the source file, the cursor stays in the top, source file window).

Is there a way to navigate the traceback errors while still staying in the source code window? Also - is there a similar way to navigate errors just in the file that was actually sent (i.e. not those errors coming from called external files)?

At the moment I either do M-g M-g to jump to line number, or switch to the python shell window and navigate there to the error I want to have a look at.

This would be a tremendous efficiency boost! Thank you very much!

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It turns out there are the functions [next/previous]-error bound M-g M-n and M-g M-p that do this (for some reason unmentioned in the python mode descriptions...). I'll keep the question open if somebody has a good solution to the second part - cycle only through the errors in the current file.

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