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I need to update an assembly. But I don't have the old assembly anywhere. If something goes wrong I have no way of reverting back to the old assembly.

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This solves it:

You can export it as a solution:

1) Create a new solution named 'Plugin Backup' or something (Settings->Solutions->New)

2) Add the plugin (Plugin Assemblies -> Add Existing)

3) Export the solution as an Unmanaged solution (Export Solution)

This will create a solution zip that contains your dll, which you can then re-import using 'Import Solution' if you need to restore to a previous version.

I got the answer from Scott Durow on http://social.microsoft.com/Forums/en/crmdevelopment

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Assuming that your plug-in is stored in the database and not on disk, this tool will do the job. Although it says it is for CRM 4.0 I'm pretty sure that it works with CRM 2011 just fine.

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