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I'm writing program to download large size of file (~ 280 MB) from a remote server. Downloading process working perfectly although it takes lot of time. Then I used a ProgressDialog to show the current state of the downloading process. It is also perfectly working for small size file downloading. "perfect" in the sense, showing the downloaded amount as a percentage and 100% download. But that is not working for that big file size downloading.

The issue is, it shows the progress till 7% and then start counting the progress again. But in the background, downloading is happening normally.

I can't figure out what/where is the mistake. Because the same code working for small size files. Can anybody please give me a clue?

Thank you

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It will be greatly helpful if you include code snippet. –  monish_sc Aug 17 '12 at 11:38
Sorry guys, I've done a mistake. I am counting download amount and assign it to int variable. For larger files, it exceed the positive int limit (2,147,483,647). After that the value become minus (-). Then it will not display in my progress dialog. This does not occur for small size files where total count of the download not exceed positive int range. So I assign the total count for long variable as a solution. Thanks for the people who try to help. –  AnujAroshA Aug 20 '12 at 11:24

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