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My API call with maxResults=8 returns just 6 items, whereas on the googleplus site search there are clearly more results.
Also when setting the max-results up to like 20 i get more results.

So why am i just receiving six items, when there would be 8 possible?

My call:,kind,object(attachments(content,image(type,url),url),content,objectType),published,title,url,verb)

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The Google+ API guarantees that the number items in the response will not exceed the requested maxResults, but it doesn't guaranteed that many results in the response. If a nextPageToken field is available in the first page of results, use that for an additional page of results.

You need to capture the nextPageToken field in JSON response. Take this page token, and make another request with that pageToken.

Example, make a request for:,items


 "nextPageToken": "xyz",
 "items": [

Take the nextPageToken in that response and include it in your next request as the pageToken query parameter.,items

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well alright i guess i just set the maxResults up and limit it later, thanks for your answer – ivoba Aug 29 '12 at 15:20

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