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I have two action in my symfony 2 controller. CrawlerBundle:Index:index, CrawlerBundle:Index:update. I need run index action from console. How can I? I think it starts with php app\console ...

Help me please.

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Move the stuff you do in those actions to a service and call it from both your controller and the custom command you'll create.

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can I run an action with custom command? –  AlOpal19 Aug 17 '12 at 9:44

Use PhaxBundle.

By only declaring a controller as a service, you are able to call your actions with :

$ php app/console phax:action controller action -p param1:value1 -p param2:value2

There is an example with a cron to delete old comments:

$ php app/console phax:action comment deleteOldComments -p date:2013-06-05
Old comments have been deleted: 18
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