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I need to do some work when the user scrolls to the end of a ScrollViewer in a Windows 8 'Metro UI' app that uses .xaml with C# behind-code. Alternatively, the ScrollViewer has snap-points enabled, so detecting a "snapping" event will also work.


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You can bind your ListView to collection that implements ISupportIncrementalLoading.

The extra items will be loaded automatically when there is an empty space to fill.

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Maybe this could help: http://mikaelkoskinen.net/winrt-xaml-automatically-scrolling-listview-to-bottom-and-detecting-when-listview-is-scrolled

I'm not sure it works when getting back from snapped-mode, haven't tried it yet.


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Maybe this would be helpful - Add Items to ListBox when scroll reaches the end in Windows phone?

Not Windows 8 exactly, but still XAML.

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