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I have a problem with the android cursor looping twice, even though I know there is only one value returned in the cursor.getCount().

I'm using the following in the DBAdapter:

public Cursor getAllSubDetailsFromObsTable() {
Cursor c = mDb
                "SELECT DISTINCT sub.sub_id, sub.complete, mobileobs.date, mobileobs.location, mobileobs.grid_ref, "
                        + "mobileobs.time, mobileobs.protocol_id, mobileobs.endtime FROM sub, mobileobs "
                        + "WHERE sub.sub_id = mobileobs.sub_id",
return c;

Then I call this within my worker class with:

Cursor c = db.getAllSubDetailsFromObsTable();
while (c.moveToNext()) {
        String sub_id = c.getString(0);
        //Rest of real code <snipped>

However, when I look at the contents of myArrayList, it has two identical values of sub_id. I have tried mucking about with c.moveToFirst() etc. etc. but I still get two values in the arrayList even though c.getCount() = 1!

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I wonder if this is to do with onCreate and onResume. When I start the activity, I call the database work, which is also called onResume (to repopulate ListViews after changes). Looking at developer.android.com/reference/android/app/Activity.html suggests that onResume is used during onCreate, so I maybe I should be using onRestart? –  iaindownie Aug 17 '12 at 12:40

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finally nailed this. It was to do with class variables and method variables. I had a class variable that was being populated by a method within onCreate that was also being called within onResume. Solution was to move the variable into the method. Stupid bug, easy to fix, difficult (for me) to find.

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