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On my local development machine I've already successfully installed django-simple-captcha. However, when I run it on the production server, the table is not found, resulting in a TemplateSyntaxError.

Caught DatabaseError while rendering: no such table: captcha_captchastore

I'm using sqlite3 as database engine and had already run python manage.py syncdb and checked the created tables with the following SQL statement:

sqlite> select name from sqlite_master where type = 'table';

However, even if all the other tables work just fine, captcha_captchastore is not found. What could be possible reasons for this failure and how to fix it?

Additional findings:
When I run the Django development server on the production machine and check back everything works fine. Apparently it has something to do with the way I run Django. I currently have a setup with nginx and Django via fastcgi. The launch command is the following:

python manage.py runfcgi host= port=8081 --settings=settings

How can this influence finding the database or not? Probably there is a path problem.

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Just came across a similar problem - relation "captcha_captchastore" does not exist while using simple-captcha with django 1.6. After reading through the source I found a warning about migrations with South when using the simple captcha app.

To fix the error, add the following to your settings.py file:

'captcha': 'captcha.south_migrations',

Then run ./manage.py syncdb followed by ./manage.py migrate and the issue should be resolved.

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I couldn't find out how the path to databases is constructed when you are in a template environment or in the scope of another app, but setting an absolute path name fixes the issue.

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