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How to set these options at the same time :

  • android:minLines="3"
  • android:inputType="textMultiLine"
  • android:imeOptions="actionDone"

It seems as soon as I put android:inputType="textMultiLine", the keyboard automatically replace the key OK by the key Enter. Does anyone know if it is possible to have both keys ?

NB : this answer is not what I am looking for. I would like both keys.

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For me I was able to compile my own IME, the options aren't passed though, its what android decides to put there. – Kevin Sep 11 '14 at 5:20

The only thing guaranteed is that Android will pass the inputType and imeOptions to the IME. What the IME does with them is implementation-dependent. Where some IMEs may decide there's sufficient screen real estate to display both keys when in multi-line mode, that behavior shouldn't be relied upon.

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