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This is the current scenario.

I have a central site called: XXX.

I have many subsites called with the year name: 2012, 2011, 2010, etc.

In the central site I have a list called Beneficiaries.

In ALL year sites I have a list called Request, every one of those lists have a lookup column to the Beneficiaries list in the central site.

I need to create one webpart in the central site to show all the Requests that a Benefeciary has in all sub sites. (year sites). I wonder if the contentquery webpart will do the work because I think I will have to use spsitedataquery not use spquery.

This is the code I have so far.

/// <summary>
        /// Update dashboard beneficieries.
        /// </summary>
        /// <param name="currentUnsafeWeb"></param>
        private void UpdateDashboardBeneficiaries(SPWeb currentUnsafeWeb)
            Logger.LogDebug("NLSubsidiesSiteConfigSubsidyCentralEventReceiver", "UpdateDashboardBeneficiaries(SPWeb currentUnsafeWeb)", "BEGIN");

            SPFile page = null;
                page = currentUnsafeWeb.GetFile("beneficiaries.aspx");

                //Add Content Query WebPart or something else to show all request in all yearsubsites that are related to the beneficiaries list.


            catch (Exception)
                if (page != null) page.UndoCheckOut();

            Logger.LogDebug("NLSubsidiesSiteConfigSubsidyCentralEventReceiver", "ConfigureDashboardBeneficiaries(SPWeb currentWeb)", "END");
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this post pointed me in the right direction.

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