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It is necessary to remove part of the array. Here is an example of an array:

Array ( [0] => one [1] => two [2] => three [3] => four [4] => five )

The variable can be based on one of the following values ​​in the array. Suggests there is 'three'. Need to take one, two and everything else removed.

Is there any standard methods, or a good solution that would not need to use a loop?

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You can use array_splice for that

$input = array("red", "green", "blue", "yellow");
array_splice($input, 1, -1);
// $input is now array("red", "yellow")
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Argh get out of my head! ;-) – Grim... Aug 17 '12 at 10:29
for the question you also need to array_search() to find the offset and omit length – Waygood Aug 17 '12 at 10:31
@Grim I'm sorry, I do that sometimes :-) – Jeroen Moons Aug 17 '12 at 10:33
What do you think about this version of the solution - ? – Andrei Aug 17 '12 at 10:45
$=array_search will always be true even if not found. $i however will be false. look at my answer. – Waygood Aug 17 '12 at 10:49

If you don't want to use a loop, you could use array_splice.

$input = array("red", "green", "blue", "yellow");
array_splice($input, $varaible, -1);
// $input is now array("red", "yellow")
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This will use @JeroenMoons array_splice but will do the array_search I suggested too

function reduce_my_array($array, $value)
    // look for location of $value in $array
    $offset=array_search($value, $array);

    // if not found return original
    if($offset===false) return $array;

    // remove from the found offset to the end of the array
    return array_splice($array, $offset+1);     

array_search returns the INDEX which can be 0
array_splice uses number of entries as the offset
so for your example with numerical indexes 0 to ... you need to tell array splice index+1

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