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I am curently using ZF2-RC2 and trying to do a webservice in soap I succeed to have my wsdl working by forcing the header, but for the server part, it is not working at all, and i get an error 500 telling me

PHP Warning: SoapServer::SoapServer(): I/O warning : failed to load external entity

The error is when i am doing the ->handle() part.

if(isset($_GET['wsdl'])) {
    header ("Content-Type:text/xml"); 
    $autodiscover = new AutoDiscover();
    echo $autodiscover->toXml();
} else {

    // pointing to the current file here        
    $soap = new Server('http://adresse/ws/?wsdl');

Could someone help me on this?

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You shouldn't set the URI in the AutoDiscover object to the wsdl. Try


Also, drop the / in the constructor of the server:

$soap = new Server('http://adresse/ws?wsdl');
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