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I need help ,I am pressed by time and I am blocked. Ihave a table view containing a directory's files (icon, name, size, date) . Tha table is filled via an arraycontroller. The table view just displays the image files and pdf files.When I select a row I want to preview the content in an IKImage view which isjust under the table. But I can't preview the content. Can you help me and give me some documentation , tutorials or commands on how to preview them and how to use ikimage view? I guess the ikimage view is the best solution. What do you think about that?

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hello every body! why don't you answer , we are here to help eachh other – Wael Aug 17 '12 at 11:18

  I guess that you have come up with the solution but a referral for others who might come here.
read apple example its simple to start with. In your case you can use
- (void)setImage:(CGImageRef)image imageProperties:(NSDictionary *)metaData
where your file properties can go in as dictionary object.
In the apple's example you can check out how to get CGImageRef from filepath, or you can use setImageWithURL.

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