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I'm trying play a video stream with MediaPlayer in a new Activity after the buffering was completed in background. Why another Activity? It's a part of a video playback library, and the video has to overlay the user's app, no matter what layout is currently active.

My idea is to create a MediaPlayer object, start buffering (with prepare method) and after the buffering is complete start a new Activity with a SurfaceView for showing the video. In the new Activity I assign the SurfaceHolder of the SurfaceView to the MediaPlayer (with setDisplay method) and initiate playback, without success: I see the SurfaceView without the video playback.

I think, the problem is that the MediaPlayer's prepare method expects, that the SurfaceHolder was set with the setDisplay method before it.

Any ideas to get this setup working?

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Start a Async task and inside the body of method doinBackground() start a onBuffering listener ,,, and you can store the data in a cache ,, and then can play the video. may be this can perform your required task.

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The problem is the playback, not with the buffering. The MediaPlayer starts async buffering by calling prepareAsync method. I use the OnPreparedListener to check if the buffering was complete. –  Artjom Aug 17 '12 at 12:19
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what i did i tell you and it worked for me ,

made a class extends async and implements OnPrepared Listener, then in method

Display display =getWindowManager().getDefaultDisplay();
return null;

and afterwards in onPrepared() just video_view.start();

You can also implement onVideoSizeChangedListener if you want the video both in landscape an dportrait mode to play good.. this will work it seems

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Sorry, but I dont see, how this answer is related to my question. What should be done with display? –  Artjom Aug 21 '12 at 8:37
videoview is your display , videoView.start() will start the display , what else do you need to display –  pranav Aug 21 '12 at 9:34
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Well, after weeks of trying and futher investigation, here is the answer:

With the current versions of Android SDK there is no way to preload a video in background with the VideoView or MediaPlayer due to the fact that the latter needs a created Surface to start preloading. Thus, your VideoView or your MediaPlayer has to be (temporary) a visible part of the application's layout before you can start preloading (with prepare() or prepareAsync()). This solution requires injecting of these Views in the user's layout or starting a temporary Activity to get the Surface initialized, which is too invasive for my subject (video SDK).

If you requirement is to show a video without letting the user wait for a completed buffering and you dont have the control about the application's layout, I would suggest to store the complete video to the sd-card and start the playback afterwards.

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