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I'm working on some C# code that performs tasks based on certain documents. Currently, I'm using Document[] releaseDocs = Document.GetRootDocuments() and then looping through the results.

Is it possible to do something like Document[] releaseDocs = Document.GetRootDocuments().Where(m => m.Published == false); where I could take advantage of the API to only get Published Documents and Documents with certain set Variables? If so, how, because that method doesn't appear to work.

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Try something like this:

Document[] documents = Document.GetRootDocuments();

foreach (var doc in documents)
    // Do Something
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This should work just fine:

Document[] releaseDocs = Document.GetRootDocuments().Where(m =>
    m.Published == false &&
    m.getProperty("SomeAlias").Value.Equals("Some Value")).ToArray();
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