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I added the following line in config/routes.rb file :

get '/movies/similar', :contoller => 'movies', :action => 'similar'

I see that there is a helper method with name 'movies_similar_path'. I want to add a get parameter to 'movies_similar_path' with name 'director' so I can get '/movies/similar?director=someone'

How can I do it?

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No need to define parameter in the helper, you can assign it in the link_to.

link_to "Similar", movies_similar_path(:director => @director.id)
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  1. noticed the typo in 'controller' in your routes line?
  2. What you want, you do in the form of page you are calling by adding a hidden field, or putting the extra fields in the 'link_to'. Like "link_to "simsforthisdirector", movies_similar_path(@movie), :director=>@director.name See: http://api.rubyonrails.org/classes/ActionView/Helpers/UrlHelper.html#method-i-link_to Especially the examples will help you out.
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If you are using rails 3 then you can declare route as -

get '/movies/similar(/:director)', :to => 'movies#similar'

and while using you can use it as -



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