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Does anyone know a good tool for drawing SCM codeline diagrams? Currently we tend to do this using anything at hand e.g. PowerPoint, Visio, Paint Shop Pro, etc. It's a pity Visio doesn't include a standard stencil for this type of diagram.

We use Perforce which includes tools for producing branching diagrams, but really suited to single files. Moreover, the logical branching strategy is often different from the physical branch history which usually includes far too much detail.

What I'm looking for is something I can use to draw those "big picture" codeline diagrams with mainline, release branch, maintenance branches, etc.

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I'd always go for Visio to draw diagrams manually: alt text

But there are tools able to draw the whole thing for you already. Check Plastic SCM :) alt text

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Nice answer to this question. Can you give some more details on how you use Visio? Which Visio version are you running? Are you creating a "Timeline" template? How do you handle the date-centric aspect of this template? Any tips? –  MADCookie Jan 31 '11 at 17:55
I'm afraid the answer is no... easier, I just use basic shapes: rectangles, that's all! :) –  pablo Jan 31 '11 at 22:39
can -something like PlasticSCM- generate these for planned (non-existent) branches? I'd prefer something less fiddly than a GUI drawing tool - e.g graphviz. –  inger Mar 4 '12 at 16:40

I've often used the Windows version of Dia, which is a nice open source diagram package. There is a good range of stencils and although I don't think there's any standard for SCM codeline diagrams you could just make something up. Since it is a diagram editor you can have connecting arrows that rearrange nicely as you drag parts of the diagram around.

When using Mercurial I like hgview which draws useful codeline diagrams on the fly. It could be better :)

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I never had a problem doing them with Visio when I needed to draw branch pictures - but then again, I always worked for small companies so the branches were not crazy complicated. Once my team switched to Accurev, we didn't need to because it has a stream/branch visualization tool built in.

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njreed - have you tried using http://svnmapper.tigris.org/? You need windows though unfortunately.

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Thanks for the answer. This is just what I'm looking for but the only problem is we don't use subversion. What I'm looking for is something similar for Perforce. The built-in Perforce branch viewer is only suited to viewing the branching history for a single file, rather than the logical branching structure. –  njr101 Nov 5 '09 at 12:31

Another option is the online tool creately

There is no stencil per se, but there are examples that other people have made public that you can use as a template.

Searching for svn or branching turned up some nice options

e.g. http://creately.com/diagram/example/hb9h3wut2/Branching+Model

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